SEO trends in 2021

SEO Trends in 2021

Current SEO trends, as well as tips on how to keep your site “liked” by Google in 2021


      • Provide only – high quality content
      • Take your traffic to the next level with Google Ads
      • Prove your Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT)
      • Focus on local SEO
      • Adjust your business to “New Normal”

Quality Content is vital Part of today's SEO, Content is King

After all we have been through in 2020 and learning from the “unprecedented” circumstances that COVID-19 brought us, we can surely say one thing. If you are a business owner and have not established your company’s online presence it probably went out of business.  But if your business has a nice website, optimized Social Media profiles as well as Google My Business page, you are probably doing just fine. So what is next, what SEO trends to follow in 2021? 

Here are our top recommendations to keep your website optimized and Google friendly: 

1. Provide only – high quality content

Quality not quantity is what will help you climb Google SERP ranks. Your written content, blog posts, articles, descriptions have to be spot on, and provide valuable information to your readers and be the answer to a specific question coming from Google queries.

Google is all about quality experience and delivering value results for their users. Search Engine Giant wants its visitors to keep using their search engine and they guarantee that they will provide best possible search results for every search query. Google appreciates quality of your website/blog/article and ranks it based on content, traffic, user experience and time readers spent on your page. We believe this SEO trends will only continue and develop into years to come as it brings true value to the end user and Google is the first one to recognize that and praise you with “SEO points”.

On a flip side, no one wants to read irrelevant or outdated information, so this is an open and competitive way to promote your business. No one can pay Google to score higher in organic search, paid ads yes, but not in organic search. Even in Google ads your ads have to be relevant and bring value to potential customers, in order to deliver results. Poor written ads will just eat your marketing budget and wont bring many leads.

2. Take your traffic to the next level with Google Ads

Would you prefer 1 million website visitors and have conversion of 2%, considering they spend $20 each, it would bring you revenue of $400k. Or what if you were able to structure your Google ads campaign to reflect your products and services; do a detailed keyword research, set proper location and demographics as well as add negative keyword list to each of your ad campaigns? This way you would only get 500k visitors, but higher quality, those who were looking exactly for the product/service you had to offer, and 20% of them converted with the same $20 spent per transaction. That would bring you $2,000,000 in revenue. Yes, 5 times higher sales by targeting 50% less customers! Sounds insane, but that is possible; on top of increased revenue, you would also save marketing dollars spent on Google ads, as quality ads deliver more sales with less clicks.

3. Prove your Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT)

Nest SEO trend of the year is EAT. Establish your Expertise, Authority, and Trust; become an expert in your field, help people solve their problems. Be cordial, professional and provide beyond your customer’s expectations (seems like almost no one does it anymore, everyone is in robot-service mode). Those are basic rules of building any brand and digital space is not an exception. All of us like to be well taken care of, don’t like our time to be wasted and love to get best value for our dollars spent.

Google rely on relevant, fresh and verifiable information. If your data can mislead or hurt Google searcher’s user experience, its algorithms will catch it and put your site on the bottom of the SERPs and who knows how long will it take you to crawl back on top. Unproven facts can also cause poor quality rankings and negative user reviews. There is a specific Google algorithm which targets and punishes websites that can potentially cause harm to its users.

How make EAT work for you?

      • Proper “About” Page, add your company’s vision and mission, describe services and your team of experts
      • Get as many positive reviews as you can. Do not solicit them, but ask people to share their experience online. Do it across platforms and Social Media with links to your site. (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).
      • Find well established websites that possess high authority and trust ratings. Offer collaboration and get a spot on their pages to be able to link and backlink to and from your site.

4. Focus on local SEO

Local SEO plan, How to SEO your website for local visitors, Google My Business, Yelp, "Near Me" in keywords

Optimize your website and adjust SEO to target your business’s surrounding areas (5 – 10 miles) and cater to your local consumers. Open and link to your site Google my business and Yelp profiles. Add your full address in the Footer of your site and on contact page, use your city and state in On-Page SEO titles and Meta Descriptions where applicable. 

Did you know that large amount of search queries end in “near me” or “name of their city, town, neighborhood” and the best part you can target that.

If someone puts in search phrase “family photographer near me” or “Italian food takeout in Redmond, WA” and your website is optimized for those locations, it will appear as one of the top search results. In addition, it is great to establish your Yelp! account, which you should also link to your website. Yelp! is a great space to promote your products or services and gather positive reviews from your clients.

One cannot ignore this SEO trends, as it is crucial for your business to be on Google My Business and Yelp! You can open both accounts absolutely FREE of charge. If you are local business you can’t postpone optimizing your website any longer. Site is your largest digital asset and it has to tell the world about your Brand and how amazing your products are, it have to bring leads,referrals and sales despite of COVID-19.

5. Adjust your business to “New Normal”

How long will this “New Normal” last? And even a better question, will the things go back to “Old Normal” once vaccine is available to everyone? Great questions, but can anyone give a definitive answer? Do not believe so…

What we did learn from 2020 that in order to survive, businesses need to be extremely flexible, creative and search for new “unprecedented” ways on delivering their revenues. In addition, business owners need to find new safe ways to provide their services and not put their customers and employees health in danger.

     Adjustment to “New Normal” ideas from our team:

      • Building/Upgrading a great website with comprehensive SEO (everyone)
      • Delivery & Takeaway Services (restaurants, stores)
      • Online Consulting (consulting, accounting, marketing agency)
      •  Video & Photo Experiences (rentals, real estate)
      • Online Classes (fitness instructors, development programs)

If you have a labor-based service (electrician, plumber, gardener) or brick and mortar store which never needed online presence but noticed decrease in sales due to COVID-19. It is time to take your business online, as that is where people spend most of their time nowadays.

Already have a website? Great, is it optimized? Does it have all the COVID-19 related information? What about social Media Accounts? You need to create Yelp Business and Google My Business pages, and watch your traffic grow. By simply adding your business to Google maps (which is completely free) you will gain exposure, credibility and will make it so much easier for Google visitors to find you.


Use these SEO trends to adjust your business to the “New Normal”. It requires time and knowledge, but it is very possible, even  to do it yourself. There is plenty of DIY YouTube videos on SEO, Web Design and Google Ads, but there are not too many that provide real value. You can find some great learning material on Udemy, those courses cost money and usually run 10-20 hours each, but they definitely worth it.

Alternative way is to hire professional Digital Marketing Firm, who can build/update your website, provide excellent SEO services and set up your Google My Business account. It would save you time and money, and will pay itself off in a couple of month. Since newly developed and optimized website would generate you increased traffic, sales and Brand awareness. You can always look at our SEO services page for our packages or send us a request for more personalized quote. 


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