Our Work

Our Work is Our Passion Translated into Our Clients’ Projects


VP Web Solutions had a pleasure of working with amazing clients and businesses in different locations. We work with many industries and provide wide range of Digital Marketing services. From Web Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising to SMM (Social Media Marketing). We love what we do and your trust is the only motivation we need to tackle your digital marketing goals. Putting your businesses on the map, sending you quality traffic, capturing leads and delivering conversions is our main priority. Once your business is booming, we are excited to celebrate your wins as our own, since we are in this together. At VP Web Solutions, we believe in: “Work hard and let results of our work speak for themselves.”


Smile Please Photography

Family Photography Studio - www.smilepleasephotography.com

Services Provided: Web Design/Web Development/SEO/PPC/SMM

Smile Please Photography asked us to update their website. Their old website was DIY project, so wasn’t much to salvage. We developed a new website customized around Smile Please Photography studio. Our  designer’s worked hard to gave it clean, warm, family feel and enhanced with

  • smart features and visuals (sliders, portfolio, picture frames)
  • easy navigation
  • responsive design
  • interactive contact form
  • integrated Instagram feed

After successful website launch, we continued with full site SEO. Optimized every page, every image, created site map and submitted to Google Search Console. Connected website to Google Analytics and started first PPC Campaign with Google Ads. Within a month studio was sold out for two months in advance. And we had to pause the campaign to let them catch up. In addition, we optimized their Facebook account and ran few Facebook PPC Ad Campaigns.

AP Law Firm 

Attorney at Law - www.lawyer.ltd.ua

Services Provided: Web Design/Web Development/SEO/PPC

Long term partner for us, we developed both of their websites as well as performed initial SEO set up. Our work continues by servicing them monthly with SEO & Google ads campaign management.

In this website we implemented simple web design with elements of Black & Gold, to keep it sleek & humble at the same time.  We also focused on maximizing site loading speed and straightforward homepage approach. All the important information and services can be found on the Home page by simply scrolling down. Since 92% of their site visitors use smartphones, this design makes it easy for visitors to navigate the site. They can explore,  make requests, calls on their cell phones and all by using just one hand.

Additionally, our team performed SEO optimization for their site and developed groups of relevant keywords for each direction of their services. We used negative keywords to help structure Google ads campaigns. They also helped prevent clients from clicking on the wrong ads and wasting our marketing budget.

Currently developing their Social Media Marketing strategy on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

VP Web Solutions

Digital Marketing Agency - vpwebsolutions.com

Services Provided: Web Design/Web Development/SEO/PPC/SMM

This is our website, and we believe it is one of our best products yet, thus putting it on the display as well. When our team designed and developed it, our main focus was its SEO. It involves features like mobile friendliness (responsive design), site speed and quality content (500+ words on each page). All those elements have direct impact on SEO and site’s organic ranking on Google search results.

When the website framework was created, we didn’t go with standard blue (most used for digital marketing sites) and selected bold yellow and black colors. We wanted to stand out and add creativity elements; not just another themed copy/paste website.

Comprehensive SEO & full-scale keyword research followed. We optimized every corner and every page of the site, focused on Digital Marketing niche in Greater Seattle Area. Also planning to be on the first page of Google organic search by end of the year.

Most likely you are reading this, because we found you on Google Ads, so YES, we know how to work them, to get leads and sales. We specialize on establishing and optimizing PPC campaigns to improve your site traffic and decrease amount spent per conversion.

AP Immigration Agency

Immigration Law Offices - www.immigration.ltd.ua

Services Provided: Web Design/Web Development/SEO/PPC

This is a second website we developed for AP law firm, as they opened their immigration law practice. They needed a clean, professional and fast website. Since their users are spread around the world, vital part of their experience is site loading speed. Strategically optimizing the site, we managed to get it under 2 seconds, even when loading on a smartphone in India.

We also had to create website in 3 different languages, enable it with PayPal and credit card payment options, as well as added direct links to be able to call, email and chat through WhatsApp.

Additionally, we performed initial Search Engine Optimization and continue with ongoing monthly SEO service combined with successful Google Ads Campaign management. Site tripled their traffic and quality leads within first 2 month, and considerably improved conversion rate by cutting out irrelevant traffic.

Currently our work includes optimization of their Google ads bi-weekly and using analytics from PPC campaign to enhance site SEO and improve organic search results.

Tavern of Sariban

Restaurant of Georgian cuisine - www.traktir-saribana.ru

Services Provided:  Web Design/Web Development/SEO

Our web development team performed complete redesign and development of this website. It used to be bland and outdated, which was not reflecting their incredible food, immaculate service and celebrity status.

We used tons of bright and colorful images (provided by the client) to highlight their dishes and cozy restaurant ambiance. Additionally, we made it fast, interactive and engaging, moved most valuable information on the front page (menu specials, celebrity guests, live music calendar).

Responsive design played major role for this project, we planned site to look as great on a smartphone as it would on desktop; so focused on designing site easy to navigate and be intuitive when viewed through mobile device.

We launched the website and completed initial SEO optimization (keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, URLs). Next, created admin panel for restaurant management to be able to perform menu updates and specials by themselves.