Social Media Marketing

Don’t have time to keep up with your Social Media profiles? Looking for someone to manage them and finally post all those amazing shots you took but never had a chance to share? How about responding to numerous client requests and reviews? Not even talking about starting a full-scale Facebook Ads Campaign to generate more business and brand awareness…

Social Media Marketing may seem overwhelming, especially if you are trying to juggle day to day operation, business development, employees, accounting, family, and anything else that might be on your plate. We realize that managing SM accounts is just an icing on top of the cake… and that’s where WE CAN HELP!

Below is our Social Media Marketing (SMM) services step-by-step process, where you can find how exactly we can help your business grow on Social Media platforms, manage your reputation and run social media ads on your behalf.

At VP Web Solutions, we divide SMM into 6 important steps, that help us manage your social media presence. We start with initial assessment and understanding of your goals, your target audience and competition. Secondly, we move on to optimizing your account based on SMM strategy you approved. After that, continue with scheduling content to attract clicks, shares and likes. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, we could also run Social Media ads, targeting your ideal customers in preferred locations. Last step is tracking the progress, understanding results and building on success by optimizing your social media marketing strategy.


 Social Media Marketing step-by-step Process

Initial Assessment (SM Audit)

First step is to assess and understand your current social media (SM) presence. What networks you are using, your business accounts? What condition are they in? (photo, cover images, bio, service descriptions, URL, keywords, etc.). Similarly, we will audit competition pages and evaluate which social network is generating most of their business.

Social Media Strategy

During the second step we will present you with our findings from Social Media audit. After that we will discuss your target audience, competition, unique selling proposition and set your SMM goals. Further we will form your social media marketing strategy. It will guide us to optimize your accounts and future content.

Setting up your Social Media Accounts

Based on approved SMM services strategy we will proceed with creating your social media profiles. We recommend to start with a minimum of three, – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In case if you already have accounts, we would optimize and enhance them with professional images, fresh content, company bio, logo, featured products and services, and more.

SMM Services & Content

Depending on the SMM plan you selected, VP Web Solutions will be planning your content, creating engaging roadmap, managing your posting calendar, and responding to comments. Our team will develop content to best promote your brand and create awareness across selected social media platforms; usually it is a mixture of business-related quotes, motivational posts, your product’s unique features (local, handmade, organic), company updates and trivia.

Social Media Ads

Social Media advertising is one of the most cost-effective ads available today, where with only $5 spent per day you can reach up to 1,000 people, and not random users, but your exact targeted demographic. Based on selected plan we will set up your social media ad campaign, with catchy headline, creative copy, engaging images and relevant keywords.

Track & Analyze (Ongoing step of SMM Services)

This step is an ongoing progress, and has to be repeated on monthly basis. It will ensure your company’s Social Media Marketing success in a long term. When we optimized your social media accounts, created content calendar and started running your SM ad campaigns. After that, it is time to dive deep and analyze what actually worked and what didn’t. Which posts sent traffic to your website, what keywords triggered sales and what demographics best reacted to your ads? When first results become available it is time to analyze and optimize your SMM services strategy in order to improve its performance in the future.

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* SMM Timing. Depending on your company, number of social media networks used and amount of content you possess, it may take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to create initial SMM strategy, content calendar and Social Media ad campaign. After initial set up is done, we recommend performing STEP 6 (track, analyze and optimize) on monthly basis.

** Content Approval. We manage your social media accounts, write content, select images for your posts, manage ad campaigns. But you remain in charge at all times, all the posts and ideas will be sent for approval beforehand. And only after approval is granted, our team will proceed with implementation.

*** Cost of Ads is paid separately. When running social media ads, client is responsible to pay for actual ads to selected social media platform. Our plan includes our services managing ads, but not cost of an ad itself. For example: if you decided to run $10/day Facebook ads for 30 days. You would need to add additional $300 to pay Facebook separately from our monthly plan.