We offer top-notch Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that will help your website rank high on Google and have all necessary elements to ultimately climb up to the first page of search results. It does not happen overnight, but as long as On-Site, Off-Site and Local SEO services are performed and analyzed. Their results are used to improve your site’s SEO position on ongoing basis, you will definitely reach the first page. It also depends on your industry and targeted keywords, their volume and difficulty.  As a rule of thumb, you should be able to see SEO results in 3 month. And reach the first page of Google search in 6–12 month period.

6 Steps of our SEO Process

SEO audit

During this step we are going through technical and content audit. We are looking to get a clear picture of existing situation and identify elements to repair or add. We can be adding content or repairing backlinks, adding image SEO, or changing meta descriptions. Whatever it takes to get your site where it needs to be – First page of Google Search results.

Keyword Research   

Is a most important, thorough and time-consuming SEO process and based on its results entire SEO strategy will be built. We need to understand HOW people search for your type of product or service online? WHAT exactly are they typing into search engine window (search queries)? WHICH keywords & phrases will bring you most traffic/leads/sales?

On-Page SEO Services

This step includes optimizing your Technical SEO as well as site Content around your most valuable keywords established in previous step. On-page SEO includes: page titles, meta descriptions, page URLs, internal links, sitemaps & hierarchy, website speed, mobile friendliness, content quality and relevance, broken links, HTTPS protocol, index status, Google crawl errors and more. Imagine your site is your house, where On-Page SEO will equal to foundation, walls and roof and you need to get all those elements right in order to have a functional house (optimized website).

Off-Page SEO Services 

Here we optimize your website through the use of external links, social media relationships, influencer marketing, sharable quality content, blog comments, brand mentions, positive reviews, etc. Based on selected SEO package we would optimize your website to be trustworthy, authentic and relevant in your business niche, which will increase site visits, CTR, likes, shares and brand awareness overall.

Local SEO Services

Putting your business on the map is another important way to improve your SEO rankings. There is a huge trend to support local businesses in 2020, plus when people are searching for products and especially services are adding “near me” in their search engine queries and this is exactly why you have to be on Google maps, have an optimized Google My Business and YELP accounts.

Analyze and Optimize

This is a final step of your SEO process, but that is the one that “never ends”. We will connect your website to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and set up tracking tags based on your goals. This step monitors your website’s SEO and keyword performance, tracks site visits and analyzes leads and where your traffic came from. Based on the findings we will adjust your keywords, On-site and Off-site SEO. In addition, will continue monitoring how new changes impact your website rankings and conversions. And this process is an ongoing study at the end of every month.