Pay Per Click

VP Web Solutions offers full range of Pay Per Click (PPC) management services. Starting with carrying out comprehensive market research – keyword analysis, negative keywords and competitors’ ads. After that, we set up your account, building and structuring your Ad campaigns, adding conversion tracking and remarketing. In addition, we help you establish keyword bidding strategy and manage your PPC budget to deliver best possible ROAS (returns on ads spent). Our favorite and most effective PPC  ads we manage and recommend are Google Ads. Google search network ad campaigns to be specific. With help of Google search ads we can deliver instant results for your business and generate traffic and leads as soon as we get your campaign set up and running.

Here is our PPC Management Process explained step by step:

PPC (pay per click) Ad campaign management process step by step

Setting your PPC Management Goals

Initial PPC management step that includes understanding your company’s current situation, target audience, competition, your products and services, as well as short and long term goals. We will start the process with a kick off call to grasp your business model and objectives, geographic targeting, customer demographics, and business-related marketing challenges. Subsequently, we will send you detailed PPC questionnaire for you to fill out, and send back to us. Based on the call, questionnaire we will set your PPC Goals and send them for your approval.

Comprehensive Market Research

It is certainly the most important step of PPC management process and includes following:

      • Industry keywords research, targeted demographics
      • Grouping keywords by volume, cost, selecting match types
      • Deep dive in 3-5 main competitors (keywords, bidding strategy, PPC ads, and landing pages)
      • Negative keywords and irrelevant audience

Setting PPC Management Budget

Firstly, we develop your budget and daily ad spend. Secondly, establish bidding strategy and projecting, Max CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per acquisition), Break Even CPC, RPC (revenue per click), ROAS (return on ads spent).

Creating Google Ads account & structuring Ad Campaigns

We create your Google Ads account, and set up your first PPC Campaign, which includes:

      • Structuring your campaign by ad groups and keywords
      • Creating exciting headlines and engaging descriptions
      • Writing Ad Copy and Display URL
      • Adding all types of Ad extensions to improve visibility and reinforce the ad
      • Setting budgeting tools for each ad group
      • Ad time and geographical location
      • Adding tracking code for Google analytics and PPC conversion tracking

Remarketing Campaign as part of PPC Management

Depending the plan you selected, we also can be setting up your Remarketing PPC Campaign, as it is a great tool to target customers who already came to your site but did not convert (purchase, submit request, newsletter sign up). Remarketing gives you an opportunity to send your ads to “follow” those customers on other websites and devices in a form of a banner ads. Ever wondered, how come you were looking at something on a desktop at work, and couple hours later, their ad appears on your cell? Yes, that Remarketing and it is second most effective PPC ads after search ads. We handle it in a following way:

      • Define Remarketing strategy
      • Remarketing code to be applied to targeted pages
      • Creating Remarketing campaign and ad copy
      • Adding text and images for Remarketing display ad
      • Setting up conversion tracking for Remarketing ads

 Tracking & Optimization

PPC campaigns require ongoing monitoring, tweaking and optimization. As first results become available (conversions, demographics, keywords, etc.) we will use them to adjust your campaign. Optimizing your PPC ads will certainly save your marketing budget, improve ROAS and decrease CPC. Secondly, our team will connect your site to Google analytics; where you can find out your customers demographics, age, location, occupation, device used etc. and we can improve your ads based on that. Also, we will look at the keywords that caused clicks and search queries that triggered those keywords, which will allow us to analyze and optimize keyword groups and find other negative keywords to add to campaign.

* PPC Management timing depends on your company goals, number of ad groups planned and keyword volume and difficulty. It may take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to create initial PPC strategy and structure your ad campaigns. After Pay Per Click campaign is launched, we recommend performing STEP 6 (track, analyze and optimize) on weekly basis. It will help to improve targeting, optimize keywords and match types as well as avoid wasting money on irrelevant clicks.

** Cost of Google ads itself. When managing Google ads, client is responsible to pay for the cost of actual ads to Google. Our plan includes all the fees for PPC management, but not cost of the ads. For example: if you decided to run $10/day Google ads for 30 days, you would be responsible for $300 to pay to Google, plus our monthly PPC management fee.